Do You Want To Think About Your Life or Do You Want To Live It?


Well…do you want to think about your life or do you want to live it? We are human beings not human thinkings or human doings.

To be or not to be, hmmm that’s a well known question. How ARE you? Are you at all? When was the last time you felt truly alive? Don’t remember? Welcome!

So many people today feel half-dead, numb, as if something is missing. They chase after a feeling of being alive thru all the wrong things. Media tells us that we’ll surely be happy, successful and content if we only use this deodorant, that brand in fashion, drink this soda, buy that house or whatever else they can come up with. Well, as most of you know, happiness can be elusive. But as the wise saying goes: A cat can spend his life chasing his tail in the firm belief that happiness will be achieved when he catches it, frantically running around in circles, never realising the futility of the chase, or he can come to his senses :), and become aware of the fact that when he goes about his daily business not worrying about his tail, it follows him around wherever he goes.


What turns You on? is an outspoken and inspirational book to help you enhance and expand your own specific brand of sexuality & Love.

Observing people, phenomenons and life over the years it is plain to see that we, as a species, have forgotten who we are and have settled for a limited version of life. Life is so much more than a thought. All of us have been children, a child tastes, smells, touches, watches, listens and experiences feelings to acquaint itself to life. The stupidity of raising our children to stop using their senses from an early age in favour of relying solely on their minds has resulted in the sadly neglected world and life we see around us today. It’s selfevident that you cannot experience a full life if you refuse to use the fullness of your faculties. So, now is as good a time as any to:

GET OUT OF YOUR MIND!!! & and into your life!

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